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Guidelines for Revisions

Songs With You - Song Revision
  • Revise an entire line, verse, or chorus

  • Lyrics Re-write

  • New recording session

  • Full song remixing to make sure it sounds cohesive

By purchasing an extra vocal recording session, your artist is able to go back into the studio to re-work your song with your requested lyric tweaks to get your song closer to your vision. These types of revisions include:

  • Changing Lyrics Based on Personal Preference
  • Sometimes your artist gets your details included correctly, but you have another way to say it or would rather have a different detail worked into that spot of the song. Supply us with a few lyrical notes to get the song closer to your vision.

  • Change Song Details
  • You supplied us with details and you may not have thought they would make the song’s lyrics or you changed your mind and want them removed.

  • Additional Changes
  • If you like the style and vocals of the song, but have other suggestions or needs, just let us know.

Additional changes needed? See Song Redo

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