The Mission

We get it. You don't write or play music. We understand not everybody is musically inclined, but we believe anybody should have the ability to surprise someone with an incredible and thoughtful gift. 

Whether it's a birthday, anniversary, holiday, or just to say 'I love you', we're excited to be a part of your special occasion. We hope you choose SONGS WITH YOU to create a truly unforgettable song that we know they'll love.

The Music

At Songs With You, our full-time artists write, record, mix, and produce each individual song. Our genuine care for each customer and song is what sets us a part, and makes your gift so unique.  Your thoughtfully curated song will surely bring smiles or tears to their face, and we are excited to create a song with you.

The Team

Songs With You believes in fair and honest practices, happy customers, and great music.

Griff Jurgens - Founder of Songs With You

Griff Jurgens

Founder / Musician / Production

Writing poetry and lyrics has been a part of Griff’s life from an early age. Growing up with a multitude of musical influences, he has created a sound that is unique that reaches across many genres. 

Griff has been performing at backyard BBQs, dive bars, and opening for touring acts since 2007 in California, and now Hawai'i.

Stemming from his work as an educator, he witnessed first-hand the many kids who need extra attention, confidence, and love.

Griff's primary goal with his music is to make people happy and spread positive energy. This is why he created Songs With You.

Did you know?

Outside of music, Griff is also the Education director at the nonprofit Blue Planet Foundation, and has worked on numerous independent sustainability films, a web-series for PBS (Under H2O), and won an Emmy for his work on the Netflix documentary Chasing Coral.

Justin Carver - Co-Owner of Songs With You

Justin Carver

Co-Owner / Operations

As a former customer who saw the enjoyment of gifting music first hand, Justin is now focused on growth and marketing of Songs With You. 

Over the past decade, Justin has focused on e-commerce, online marketing, SEO, SEM, and delivering positive customer experiences for his previous two businesses, EasyETA and Best Homepage Ever.

With a new focus on personalized music, he is thrilled and proud to call Songs With You his new home, and help you experience the same enjoyment as he did as a customer.

Melanie Ilana - Songs With You musician

Melanie Ilana

Musician / Production

Melanie is a singer-songwriter from Pennsylvania. She started by performing in musicals in high school, but began taking her guitar on stage at open mics in Pittsburgh, and continued to do so while living in Honolulu. 

Melanie was a part of the Hawai'i groups The Mankeki Nekos and The Dirt Squirrels for a few years before moving back to Pennsylvania, where she now plays guitar, sings, and writes for Violet Coup.

On the weekends you can find Melanie performing at breweries, wineries, and local events.

When not immersing herself in music you can find Melanie managing operations at Furnace Creek Farm, and in her free time, she spends as much time outdoors as possible, kayaking and camping, and loves to have game nights with friends.

Melanie Ilana - Songs With You musician

Charlotte del Azar

Marketing / Design / Social

Charlotte is a digital media enthusiast from Spain. She’s quite the traveler, as she was born in California, raised in Spain, completed her Bachelor’s degree in the UK, and is now living in Honolulu, HI.

She has always had an interest in creative activities, as, at the age of 7, she would borrow her parents’ camera to take photographs of anything she could, alongside taking art classes to practice her painting and drawing skills. This all led to Charlotte developing a fascination with graphic design and branding during her high school years -- leading her to pursue a degree in media and communications.

When she’s not spending time on Photoshop and investigating all of the platform’s features, you can find Charlotte driving around with her friends, discovering new places to explore, or probably on Pinterest, learning about all the new trendy aesthetics.

Did you know?

Charlotte interned at the Tokyo 2020 Olympics where she worked as a part of the Broadcasting Service team and met world-famous American gymnast, Simone Biles!

Melanie Ilana - Songs With You musician

Ashley Olsen

Communications / Customer Relations

Ashley was born and raised in Hong Kong. Being from an international city, she loves meeting and getting to know people from all over the world. 

Growing up, Ashley always had her nose buried in a book, which inspired her to pursue a degree in English Literature and Media Studies. Now, she is doing a Master’s degree in Marketing, which translates her love for writing into digital communication.

Ashley loves photography, hiking, and spending time with friends, and can be found enjoying the hustle and bustle of Hong Kong life..

Lina Cooper

Lina Cooper

Musician / Vocalist

Linktree / Music

Lina Cooper is a 23-year-old songwriter, artist and producer based in Los Angeles, CA, a recent graduate of Berklee college of music and a self-proclaimed "Yellow Manic Pixie Dream Girl". Lina was born in Donetsk, a small town in Eastern Ukraine.

Lina has fallen in love with music ever since she was a kid, and according to her, "she always knew it was meant to be music".

She moved to Boston at the age of 17 to go to Berklee college of music and then moved to Los Angeles 4 years later to pursue a songwriting career.

Did you know?

Now Lina is working as an assistant manager at Paramount Recording Group after working as an assistant engineer at Harbor Studios for almost two years, participating in various writing camps, working with both American and European publishers as well as releasing and performing her own music.

Melanie Ilana - Songs With You musician

Shayne Hubbard

Musician / Vocalist

Born and raised in Honolulu, HI, Shayne is a multi-instrumentalist musician who started playing classical piano at the age of 5, picked up the violin at age 10, and the guitar at age 13. Shayne was playing in bars with his father from the age of 14, played in several country/rock bands in Colorado, and you can also find him playing live music with a couple of bands in Honolulu.

When Shayne is not working, playing music, or performing his fatherly duties, you will find him enjoying a casual glass of whiskey with some friends and his wife on game night. He also loves beach days, hiking, and playing tennis in the warm tropical sun.

David Aquino - Songs With You musician, videographer

Carlos Delgado

Musician / Vocalist

Linktree / Music

Carlos has collaborated with musicians and bands from nearly every genre. His passion and love for music, and constant positivity has helped shape him into a amazingly creative musician that will elevate any song into something truly special.

Carlos also has a passion for avocado toast.

Melanie Ilana - Songs With You musician

jacob wong

Software Engineer / Mix & Recording

Music has been a big part of Jacob’s life, beginning with learning Blink 182 songs by ear on his ukulele at the age of 10. He furthered his career by opening for nationally touring acts around the West coast. 

His musical interests range widely from the blues, to metal, to RnB. Guitar and bass are his primary instruments, but he dabbles in drums and percussion as well. 

As a graphic designer, Jacob has spent over ten years working for agencies, in-house, and as a hired gun in a variety of industries.

Jacob is a graphic designer and musician born and raised in Honolulu, Hawaii and currently is residing in Los Angeles.

Did you know?

When he’s not tickling strings or pushing pixels as a graphic designer, Jacob enjoys snapping photos of California’s vast landscapes and climbing things.

David Aquino - Songs With You musician, videographer

David Aquino

Musician / Production / Videographer

David is a musician cut from the cloth of Honolulu, Hawaiʻi. He found passion for music early in life, learning to play the piano at 5 years old, and later picking up numerous other instruments, including trumpet, ukulele, bass, and guitar. 

David has spent the last few years performing solo acts a venues across Honolulu. However, what he enjoys most are backyard kanikapilas (jam sessions), and creating music with friends. 

David draws inspiration from an eclectic blend of classic big band, R&B, country, and Hawai'ian music. He hopes to use his diverse musical background to create songs that are unique to you.

Melanie Ilana - Songs With You musician

natasia greycloud

Singer / Songwriter

Natasia has been a professional musician for 12 years. During that time she has had experience in background singing, songwriting, sync work, tracking and comping vocals, being a studio/session singer, vocal coach/producer, all while playing hundreds of hours of live shows.

Natasia had success in 2018 as a top 20 finalist on season 15 of NBC's The Voice. During her emotional blind audition song, Sam Smith's "Not the Only One," Kelly Clarkson and Jennifer Hudson both turned their chairs. Which landed her praise from Kelly Clarkson, "Her voice goes from pretty and angelic, to powerful and soulful," and a rave review from Rolling Stone after her Knockout performance, stating, "She is a force to Chris Stapleton's 'Tennessee Whiskey.' Pulling it off with confidence."