Edit your song to perfection

We understand that you want the perfect song, so we've created the ability to make modifications. For some song edits, your artist will need to rewrite the identified section, re-record, re-master, create a new streaming link, and (when applicable) create a new Lyrics Page. For this reason, a small charge may be required.

Please review the options carefully to ensure your request is submitted accurately. If you’re unsure, send us an email and we’re happy to help!

Options below must be submitted within 3-days of song delivery or a higher cost may incur, or (sometimes) we will not be able to complete the request.

Song Edits - $35

If you really like the song, but want to add or edit details that were not included in your original submission, this option allows you to do so.

  • Change/add a name or message

  • Fix a small detail

  • Vocal re-record of a single line of the song

  • Remix part of song to adjust its levels

  • Add a personal message
  • If you've decided you want to edit or add a personal message before the song begins or after it ends, then our artist will add this and re-record your song.

  • Incorrect details submitted
  • There are times that details, dates, or other information you submitted are incorrect and we want your song to be as accurate to your story as possible. This allows us to correct anything you may have supplied incorrectly.

Song Revision - $60

By purchasing a Song Revision, your artist will go back into the studio to re-work your song with your provided requests.

  • Revise a section (ie: ONE verse or chorus)

  • Rearranging lyrics to adjust the flow/story of the song that was not clear in the customer's submission

  • Re-write one verse or chorus

  • New recording session for revisions taking over 30+ minutes

  • Changing lyrics based on personal preference (that were not mentioned to the artist)
  • Sometimes your artist includes the correct details, but not in the way you wanted them. Supply us with a few lyrical notes to get the song closer to your vision.

  • Change song details
  • You would like your artist to focus on different lyrics from your submission -- or you've changed your mind on what to include in the song.

  • Additional changes
  • If you like the style and vocals of your song, but have other suggestions or needs.

By purchasing a Song Revision, your artist will go back into the studio to re-work your song with your provided requests.

Song Redo - $100

  • Song recreated from scratch or by different artist

  • Song redone with a different mood, vocal rhythm, or genre

  • Customer requests that 2+ versus or 2+ chorus are redone

  • New recording session for revisions that take 45+ minutes

  • Change of song style and/ or Artist
  • If you would like a different song style or artist, let us know why the original didn't work for you -- and specifically what you are looking for with your new song.

  • Create a song tempo or mood
  • Unfortunately, we cannot simply "slow down” or "speed up” the instrument tracks behind your song. But you can select a new song style or artist while giving specific feedback to what you are looking for, and we would be happy to accommodate to your changes.

If you want a completely new song, our Song Redo option allows you to start your song from scratch (with the same or different song style), and/or choose a new artist. This option allows you to bypass buying a whole new song and only pay the artist fee.

We will take your original submission and new feedback and create an entirely new song for you.

Important: These revisions do not include personal preference requests or anything listed above.

Oops, our bad! - $0

Please double-check your song submission, first! 

Edit an error made by my artist. These song revisions include:

  • Playback issues
  • Your song skips or there are other issues playing your song in its entirety.

  • Mispronunciations
  • A name or other word is mispronounced that identified how to pronounce it in your song submission.

  • Lyrics Page typo
  • A mismatch between what was sung by your artist and what is listed on your Lyrics sheet page.

Changes we cannot offer

  • Request a new artist to re-sing the same song with the existing lyrics
  • Free changes to a completed song based on personal beliefs (i.e. religion, etc)

Frequently Asked Questions

Why do I have to pay to change some of my song's lyrics?

Before delivering each of our songs, we listen to the playback/mixing quality, personal touches, and recording quality to make sure it has passed our Songs With You standards put forth to our artist community. Additionally, we compare our final songs with the initial submission details provided to us initially.

You will not receive a song that does not fit our standards, and we assure you we are doing our very best to deliver a song that we're proud of.

Any errors that our artist or Songs With You made will be covered and fixed for free. However a majority of our revision requests are based on personal preferences, wrong information submitted to us, and other aspects that are out of our control during the creative process.

Since these requests are not due to an artist error, we cannot request your artist re-creates many of these requests for free. We do not make money from song revisions, and we want your song to be as perfect as possible. So this is why we must charge for changes. Our goal is to get you a song that you're truly happy with.

What if there is an artist error? Can I add changes at the same time?

ANY occasion where you want to make someone smile, laugh, or just show your appreciation! Personalized songs can tell a relationship story, make someone laugh about an inside joke, say thank you or happy birthday. You decide! Our artists will shape the song to the occasion of your choice, which you can provide on the song submission form.

How long do song edits or revisions take to complete?

Song edits and revisions typically take 4 days to complete but can take up to 7 days to complete depending on each artist's individual availability. We, and your artist, understand that your song is special and do our very best to get edits completed as swiftly as possible.

Fixing a Song Error