Frequently Asked Questions

How long does it take to receive my song?

Once payment has been received and your order form has been successfully submitted, your song will be created and delivered within a week (5 business days). 

For those of you who selected option for SMS delivery, please check your phone for any updates within the week.

If somehow you do not see our email confirmation, please check your junk (spam) folder. Don't see it? No problem, just drop us a line at or use our contact us form.

How is the song delivered?

You will receive your song as an MP3 in an email (but ALSO as a link which you can stream from anywhere). This link is provided through Sound Cloud, and is 100% free, forever.

How long are the songs?

You can expect songs from 1:32 to 2:00 minutes long. 

We understand that these songs are shorter than typical songs you hear on the radio, but that's because our musicians take the time to create meaningful lyrics with the content you provide. Songs are typically structured as [verse, verse, chorus x2], but it depends on the song style that you prefer. Listen to our song samples.

We are excited to create this special song with YOU!

Can I see drafts and make edits as my song is being created?

Our artists write, produce, record and mix their songs in the same session. We are unable to offer back and forth feedback along the way. Rest assured that your song is created using your selections and the information you provided -- so chances are, you’re going to love it!

Can I make changes to my song after it's finished?

Our goal is to have every song we deliver be better than you expected on the first try. If we misinterpreted some information, or mispronounced a name, send us an email at and we’ll be happy to coordinate fixes with you. 

Note that certain changes might require an add-on fee of 25% to reproduce a section of the song. Those changes must be received within 7-days.

What can I do with the song?

You are granted a personal use license in perpetuity. This means you can use the song on any of your personal social media channels, use it in a personal video (wedding, slide show, etc.), and share it with anyone you’d like! As long as you are not making money from it, you are totally fine.

Don't forget to tag us when you share the videos:) #SongsWithYou

Can I submit my own lyrics for a song?

At this time, we are unable to turn an exact poem or your lyrics into a song. But we will do our best to include as much as we can!

How/When do I submit my song submission details?

Once payment is made, you will be prompted to head to our song submission form (sample here). You can do this at any time - immediately or whenever you're ready in the future.

If your question is not listed above, feel free to contact us.