Redo My Song
Re-Record with Changes

Guidelines for Song Redo

Songs With You - Redo My Song
  • Song created from scratch by a different artist

  • Song created in a different mood or tempo

Our Song Replacement Option allows you to bypass having to buy a whole new song and only pay the artist fee. This new song will be different than your original based on your feedback, and the interpretation of the request.

Requests that require a complete song replacement are:

  • Song Style that Require a Different Artist or Gender Altogether
  • If you would like a different artist to create your song, we strongly suggest letting us know why the style/vibe of your song wasn't working, and instead what you are hoping for.

  • Song Created in a Different Tempo or a Different Mood
  • Unfortunately, we cannot simply "slow down” or "speed up” a song without a full remake — trust us, the final song wouldn't sound great. The instrumental would need to be re-created and the vocals re-recorded to accommodate for any tempo change.