Why Creating a Custom Song for Someone is the Best Gift, Ever!

Why a Custom Song is the Best Gift Ever
  • The enjoyment of gift giving
  • What matters most
  • Make them feel special
  • Why songs take it to the next level

Bad gifting - We all do it!

You're probably like me, having given hundreds of gifts to people. But how many times have you been ecstatic about a gift you've received?

Probably not many times.

So, it's time to step up your gifting skills, and after doing a bit of research and polling, I have a quick solution for you.

The problem? Finding the right gift can be a challenge.

Just consider some of these numbers. According to Studyfinds, a poll was conducted by 2,000 Americans. 1 out of 20 believe they’re impossible to shop for. 67% of those people stated it’s because they’re extremely picky about what they want.

Nearly half believe they either have everything they could possibly want (47%) or never know what to ask for (45%).

Further, the survey discovered that 63 percent of Americans have previously received a duplicate gift during the holidays.

So, not only are some people choosy, but many don't know what they even want anyway. And when they do receive a gift, there's a good chance they can just get it themselves (or have it already).

Who you are buying for matters.

The irony for most people is that the most challenging gift giving is to those who are typically closest to us in life. Check out this breakdown of showing which people are the toughest to choose gifts for.

Who is the toughest person to buy gifts for
Age breakdown of toughest people to buy gifts for

Source: Gift Giving Report by MyUS.

Buying gifts for a significant other, siblings, and parents are some of the most difficult people to buy gifts for. But that's exactly who we typically buy gifts for, especially around holidays and special occasions.

There's good news too.

There's also a plethora of reasons to love giving gifts. For myself, you, and other gift givers, 68% say the thought behind the gift counts more than the gift itself!

And most people actually enjoy giving gifts just as much as they do receiving them.

In other words, people aren't always that easy to buy gifts for. But it doesn't always matter. The gesture is appreciated regardless of what they may really want.

People, especially women, love surprises.

In this separate poll taken, people were asked if the best gift you ever received was indeed a surprise. Check out the difference!

graph - do you like to be surprised by gifts

Data collected by datawrapper.

So far, we know that people appreciate the gesture, they love surprises, and it's getting quite difficult to find something that somebody doesn't already have.

Also, people don't always know what they want.

Experiences make for better memories.

You probably want your gift to be memorable. So, there's an easy trick.

According to Consumer Reports, and a poll conducted by CBS regarding retail shopping, 50% of respondents think experiential gifts are better than tangible goods. For people between aged 25 to 34, two-thirds prefer an experience!

Yet experience-based gifts made up only 12 percent of gifts last year.

People undoubtedly prefer experiences over tangible type goods as gifts. And it's even more apparent among millennials.

Personalized gifts are more meaningful.

Here at Songs With You, we turn our creativity of writing and producing music, into personalizing songs as gifts. Why? Because this experience, most often a surprise, is truly meaningful.  

Our first hand feedback we've received from our customers has been phenomenal. Despite Amazon and the ease of buying products, people still want to find gifts that have more of an impact.  

customers showing affection from hearing song

It's all about the memories.

Why do so many people prefer experiences over materialistic goods? Simply put: You're much more likely to remember or reflect on the memories you had while enjoying those potentially beautiful moments.

This is where a song can elevate those moments and make them even more memorable.

Music makes a gift come alive.

"I think that's my gift in this world is to put experience into music."
- Author: Elle Varner

But for many of us, music can capture moments better than almost anything else. At Songs With You, we know this because we actually capture some of the moments from our customers.

Check out this video when one of our customers shared her personalized anniversary song with her husband, Randy.

Summary: Why a custom song may be worth trying.

We laid out a few reasons why giving presents to people can be a challenge. Expectations can be tricky, generational gaps can leave us wondering what a person really wants, and often times people already have everything they need.

However, giving a gift can also be so very rewarding. 

And the best kind of gifts are the ones that are thoughtful, meaningful, and are experiences that people will enjoy. This is why at Songs With You, we take gift giving to the next level - allowing you to gift a custom song to someone as a total surprise. This checks all of our boxes.

Gift a Personalized Song Today!

People are loving the results of gifting a personalized song. And, we're so proud to be a part of it! Our musicians are excited to make music that can change people's lives.

Surprise someone you know. and make their day special, with a completely custom song today.