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Be sure to review our song submission guidelines.

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Song Structure / Lyrics Help


This is where your memories are shared. Verse usually contain four lines - occasionally eight. The number of words (lyrics) that can fit in each line, and the number of lines in each verse, will depend on the tempo of the music and the rhythm of the vocals. 


This section is usually repeated throughout the song 2x or more and embodies the overall message. It is shorter than the verses and usually is the "hook" (the catchiest part) of the song. The chorus is designed to be concise, yet memorable. 


Bridges do exactly what you think and serve as a musical passage between two sections of a song. They often connect a verse to a chorus, occasionally between the last two choruses, or sometimes not included at all. 

Style, Flow, & Rhymes

We highly encourage you to try your best to include these elements when writing or revising your song. However, it does not need to be perfect! Our artists always find ways to create an absolutely beautiful song from submissions with no structure, rhyme/ flow, or theme. 

Submission Guidelines


350 word maximum.
If including more words is a must, contact us.

Difficult or Unfamiliar Names

To ensure artists pronounce all names correctly in your song, please spell out difficult names phonetically in parenthesis next to the word(s) or in your submission email. 

Example: Sheila (shee-la)

*Some customers email voice recordings of them pronouncing the word or name. This option works great!

Hateful Speech

We will not consider or record hateful, violent, or racist lyrics submitted.

Please Proof-Read

To save everyone time and to be sure your song is correctly sung, please re-read your entire lyrics page at least 1x before you submit.

Have my musician write my lyrics

At Songs With You, we got you covered. If you would like one of our professional musicians take information and stories you provide us, we'll turn them into something amazing, no problem.

By clicking "Continue", you will be redirected to choose a song-style again. Then, you let us know the details about your special someone and our musicians will do the rest!