Gift a Song for your Anniversary

See why music can be the ultimate anniversary present

Happy Anniversary Gift from Songs With You

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Throw out the flowers and chocolate, and gift somebody a song that's heartfelt, fun, and truly original.

Our most popular song requests are for anniversaries, and for good reason. Our musicians can craft a completely unique song for your special someone for your anniversary (or any other occasion).

Simply fill out our song request form with some details about this person, and we will deliver one of the best anniversary presents ever.

Old couple celebrating their anniversary

Songs delivered within 1 week.

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We offer 3 different song styles to choose from below. In most cases, we recommend My Story to You or All the Love for anniversaries, but all 3 can be sampled or chosen, depending on what your spouse enjoys. All three song options cost $159.

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Cover Art for My Story to You Song Style

OG - My Story to You

A pleasantly smooth song that reaches across multiple genres. This song-style contains both lead and backup vocals, guitar, with a touch of shaker to keep the groove. If you are looking for a warm, intimate sound, this is the perfect song for you.

Listen here:

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Cover Art for Loving Life Song Style

OG - Loving Life

This upbeat, fun song-style brings a twist with a bridge leading you into the final turnaround. A driving tambourine creates a catchy song you want to get up and dance to. We recommend this song for those wild at heart and ready for a celebration!

Listen here:

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Cover Art for All the Love Song Style

OG - All the Love

Looking for a happy, lighter feel? Chimes, shakers, and whimsical vocals, make this song-style deliver a personal touch with Hawaiian style vibes. Great for any occasion! Most love it for its sparkle that will surely make them feel extra special.

Listen here:

Step 2. Make the song yours

Help us create the best lyrics possible

We want your gift to be personal and from the heart. Here are a couple of suggestions to help us create the best song possible.

  • What is it that makes this person smile?  

  • What are some things that you like or love about this person?

  • Is there a story you both share? 

Getting started

Next, we will ask you a little bit about yourself, the occasion, and the lucky person who gets a totally unique song written for them.