Available Song Add-Ons

 Lyrics Presentation

Song sheet (title & lyrics)

Complement your gift with the lyrics written and song title. Digital copy (PDF).
Cost: $20 USD

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This add-on offers a nice touch. Present this in a card or sign a personal note on the back (whatever you choose!). Song lyrics are written out on a PDF with our logo and the name of the song. This is a great addition for when it comes time to gifting your song to your friend or loved one.



Extend My Song

Extend the length of your song by having your artist sing an extra verse and extra chorus. If the story you want to tell to this person is lengthy, or if you just want to include more lyrics, this is a great option for you.
Cost: $45 USD

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This add-on gives your artist more time to sing about your story. This will add on about 30 seconds to the song, although it may vary slightly. This is a fantastic option for those who wish for their song to have a bit more depth.



 Rush Delivery

Need your song quicker?

Add rush delivery.
Weekends included!

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We understand you need your song quicker than a week. By adding this to your cart, we will prioritize your song, and put you at the front of the line. We will do our absolute best to get your song created. If it's not possible, we will notify you within 24-hours and fully refund you.

This can only be purchased one time, per customer, per song purchased.