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Matt Mackey

Currently: Nashville, USA

Blues | Country | Soul

From St. Louis to Memphis to Cleveland to Richmond to Dublin to Paris to Tampa to Birmingham to Nashville, Matt Mackey has lived as a troubadour. Leaving no stone unturned, he explores the music in the lives of everything around him. read on...

About Matt

A child on a swing, a mother who never gets sleep, a grandfather telling stories. Life is overflowing with songs, and Matt Mackey aims to capture as many as he can. With a sound that recalls a simpler time, one can easily get lost in the nostalgia of even that which they have yet to experience

This is an artist whose creations are of the people and for the people, but by Matt Mackey. If songs could be friends, these would be your new favorite people.

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Blues, Country, & Soul samples

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Our professional musician will sit down, read your story and occasion, and come up with an entirely new song - written to perfection.

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How is this different than choosing an existing song from the artist above?

Hiring a musician to come up with an entirely new song is truly special. It differs because the song has not been made or used by any other customer. This is a new song that you are hiring a musician to create, versus using a song in their existing catalog.

How long will my song be?

Song length will vary depending on the lyrics provided, but our maximum song length for these songs is 4:00 minutes.

Will all my lyrics be used in the song?

Our goal is to create a great song, and use as much of your submitted lyrics or poem as possible. Note that often times the music can dictate the ebb and flow of the lyrics, and minor changes can be made to make a better song.

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If you know Matt's the artist for you, but all his samples sound too good, then let him decide the vibe for you when creating your song!

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