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Our musicians will craft a completely personalized song just for you, dedicated to someone you care about.

Step 1. Choose a song style

Choose from our 3 unique song styles below.
All styles cost $179 USD.

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Cover Art for All the Love Song Style

All the Love

Song Length: ~1:46 min

Looking for a happy, lighter feel? Chimes, shakers, and whimsical vocals, make this song-style deliver a personal touch with Hawaiian style vibes. Great for any occasion! Most love it for its sparkle that will surely make them feel extra special.

Sample here:
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Cover Art for My Story to You Song Style

My Story to You

Song Length: ~1:36 min

A pleasantly smooth song that reaches across multiple genres. This song-style contains both lead and backup vocals, guitar, with a touch of shaker to keep the groove. If you are looking for a warm, intimate sound, this is the perfect song for you.

Sample here:
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Cover Art for Loving Life Song Style

Loving Life

Song Length: ~2:00 min

This upbeat, fun song-style brings a twist with a bridge leading you into the final turnaround. A driving tambourine creates a catchy song you want to get up and dance to. We recommend this song for those wild at heart and ready for a celebration!

Sample here:
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Song Option - Surprise Me, We will choose a style for you

...Or, let the musician decide!

If you don't have a preference, but just want a fitting song style, then our musician will read through your submission and surprise you with a style that fits the occasion.

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Step 2. Customize Your Song

3 Ideas to help us create the best lyrics possible

We want your gift to be personal and from the heart. Here are a couple of suggestions to help us create the best song possible.

  • What is it that makes this person smile?  

  • What are some things that you like or love about this person?

  • Is there a story you both share? 

 Get Started

Next, we will ask you a little bit about yourself, the occasion, and the lucky person who gets a totally unique song written for them.

Song Pricing

  • Songs cost $179 USD
  • Payable in your local currency
  • Partial payments now available

Our musicians have over 20 years of experience writing, recording, and playing live music in front of music loving people. Now it's your turn to hear them make music just for you!

Griff Jurgens - Founder of Songs With You

Griff Jurgens

Founder / Musician / Production

Writing poetry and lyrics has been a part of Griff’s life from an early age. Growing up with a multitude of musical influences, he has created a sound that is unique that reaches across many genres. 

Griff has been performing at backyard BBQs, dive bars, and opening for touring acts since 2007 in California, and now Hawai'i.

Stemming from his work as an educator, he witnessed first-hand the many kids who need extra attention, confidence, and love.

Griff's primary goal with his music is to make people happy and spread positive energy. This is why he created Songs With You.

Did you know?

Outside of music, Griff is also the Education director at the nonprofit Blue Planet Foundation, and has worked on numerous independent sustainability films, a web-series for PBS (Under H2O), and won an Emmy for his work on the Netflix documentary Chasing Coral.

Melanie Ilana - Songs With You musician

Melanie Ilana

Musician / Production

Melanie is a singer-songwriter from Pennsylvania. She started by performing in musicals in high school, but began taking her guitar on stage at open mics in Pittsburgh, and continued to do so while living in Honolulu. 

Melanie was a part of the Hawai'i groups The Mankeki Nekos and The Dirt Squirrels for a few years before moving back to Pennsylvania, where she now plays guitar, sings, and writes for Violet Coup.

On the weekends you can find Melanie performing at breweries, wineries, and local events.

When not immersing herself in music you can find Melanie managing operations at Furnace Creek Farm, and in her free time, she spends as much time outdoors as possible, kayaking and camping, and loves to have game nights with friends.