Gifting a Song: A Sentimental and Thoughtful Gesture for Your Relationship

Researching the Best Gift Ever


  • Why gifting a song is sentimental and a very thoughtful gesture
  • Learn about "Song Gifting" with Songs With You

Gift-giving is hard - this we all know. What could possibly show your loved one just how special they are?

Consider a personalized gift!

According to research from Deloite, 36% of consumers are interested in the idea of personalized gifts and services, but only 1 in 6 consumers have ever purchased one.

A personalized gift isn't mass-produced or something you'd hand out to just anyone. It's an underrated, unique, and thoughtful way to show your loved one just how much you care.

They're Sentimental

Personalized gifts are sentimental. By adding a personal touch to your gift, your special someone will be reminded of what they mean to you and the memories that you have shared.

According to researcher Jocelyn Spence, some gifts are only deemed “gifts” at all if they are personalized and mean something to the recipient.

Customised songs can encapsulate your loved one’s life story, memories, and experiences. This thoughtfulness is irreplaceable. Generic, store-bought items cannot come close to recreating it.

Couple hugging and happy with each other

Personalized gifts can create one-of-a-kind memories, for your one-of-a-kind relationship

We at Songs With You know that the recipient of a custom-made song will always remember and appreciate the unique gift; you'll have given them something that will last forever, and they'll always be able to recall the love and attention that you put into it.

Personalized songs can be tailored to any occasion and suit the individual uniqueness of your person. Whether it's for a birthday, anniversary, wedding, graduation, or the holidays, a personalized gift is a way to mark the event in a way that has never been done before!

Creating a customized song will allow you and your loved one to enjoy a beautiful moment, created by you. When creating a personalized song with Songs With You, we guarantee your loved one will cherish this special memory for a long time to come. Just take a look at our customers’ feedback!

According to researchers Johnson and Wilson, personalized gifts are symbols of the self and are not mass-produced, but are made with love. They are also proven to improve the individual’s self-esteem, which can lead to greater appreciation and satisfaction for the recipient – and the giver!

According to a study by Lammers and Baldwin, participants who received personalized gifts were more likely to treasure and keep them than non-personalized ones. These types of gifts can enhance the emotional connection between the giver and the recipient, meaning that your gift will be kept and appreciated for much longer. A customized song acts as a special memento of your shared moments together and, as a bonus, won’t end up in the landfill!

Couple showing affection over music gift

Why purchase a personalized song with us?

So, you want your gift to be memorable, show your love, and reflect on the special memories you’ve shared.

A personalized love song is the way to go! Picture this: a smile on their face, tears in their eyes, the uncontrollable urge to hug you! The love they will feel when listening to their song, which you have created in honor of them, will give them a feeling they will never forget.

We may be biased, but... it doesn’t get much better than that!

According to Consumer Reports, Mintel’s 2021 Winter Holiday Shopping Report indicated that for people between the ages of 25 and 34, 66 percent prefer experiential gifts to material ones.

Here's where Songs With You Comes In...

Songs With You promises to provide more than just a song -- we help create one of the most precious of life’s joys: memories. Your loved one will appreciate your thoughtful gesture, forever.

There is nothing more special than listening to a song written just for you. Thoughtful touches in the lyrics by our team of professional and award-winning musicians will make your song meaningful to your special someone – reflecting their interests, values, and life experiences. Check out one of our very happy customers on their anniversary.

At Songs With You, we create songs, for you, with you. Whether you want to simply show your appreciation for your partner, family member, or friend—or create a meaningful song that is heartfelt or funny—we have you covered. By working with our talented Artists at Songs With You, you will receive a high quality song inspired by your input made for you, made with love, within a week.

Get your personalized song today!

People are so happy with the results of creating a customised song with Songs With You they couldn’t help but share their appreciation. Songs With You is a family, and it is our honor to create a song that you and your loved one can cherish forever. We strive to make sure that each song we create is exactly what our customer is looking for.

Surprise someone you know and make their day special with a completely custom song with Songs With You.