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Musician Equiries

Love having a flexible schedule? Enjoy playing music for a living? You can do both here at Songs With You. We are constantly improving our talent pool, and hope you can be a part of the team.

Use the below form to let us know a little bit about yourself. Feel free to ask us questions, and we will get back to you as soon as possible.


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  • Delivery Time: 7-days
  • Exposure: Full profile with description and link to your professional music website

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How old are you (a range is fine) and where do you live?

What recording / production platform do you use? (ie: GarageBand, ProTools, etc.)

Do you have professional quality recording equiptment? (ie: headphones, microphone, cables, interface, soundwall)

Please share 3+ samples to get an idea of your range.

Links to Spotify or your website are perfect. You can also email us at

We currently provide 3 song styles to our customers. Are you open to writing and recording over our 3 song styles?
NOTE: Our artists have the option to offer their own song styles as well (for more money).

Can you write and sing in any other language besides English?

Can you commit to producing 2-3 songs per week?

Tell us why you would be the perfect fit for Songs With You!

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Song Pricing

  •  Each song: $40-50 ($50-$70+ if customer chooses your own style/song). This will be available in early 2023.
  • Songs are currently 1:32- 2:00 minutes long.
  • Tracks are pre-recorded, so vocals needed
  •  You receive 100% of any Tips from customers