Celebrate Your Love Story with a Custom Anniversary Song

Bring laughter or joy to someone with an all original anniversary song

Anniversary's Best New Gift

  • Celebrate your anniversary in a new and meaningful way
  • Turn your memories or stories into a song they won't forget
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Bring laughter or true feelings to your spouse in a way they won't forget.

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Bring Your Story to Life

Anniversaries are a special time to reflect on the memories and milestones shared with your partner.

Songs With You offers a unique way to commemorate your love with a custom song that's made sincerely and specifically for you two.

Our personalized songs capture the essence of your relationship, making it a one-of-a-kind gift that you both can cherish for years to come.

We did extensive research on what people view as the best type of gift to receive, and have found that a personalized song checks all of the right boxes. It's thoughtful, meaningful to a partner, and most of all - personal!

How much does a custom love song cost?

At Songs With You, we offer affordable pricing for our custom love songs, at $199. We want everyone to try this at least once in their relationship, as the results and feedback are phenomenal!

As of 2024, check out the recent prices for a custom song:

 Custom Song
Songs With You$199
Tune River$199-$247

How does it work?

At Songs With You, the process of creating an anniversary song is meant to be as simple and straightforward as possible. You fill out a short questionnaire about somebody you know, love, or care about.

We want to hear about their idiosyncrasies, quirks, or things that make them laugh.

We want to hear what makes them smile, or what brings joy to them day after day.

These details are what makes a song special!

Next, our team of professional songwriters will review your submission and begin writing a song from scratch based on the information you provide.

Just a couple of the sample questions we ask to better suit the song to your relationship:

  • Tell us a story about this special someone
  • Name a few interests you and them share together
  • What type of song are you looking for?

The artist then crafts all original lyrics inspired by what you have shared about this person. This is where the magic happens, and they create a personalized song, made for your significant other - with the stories that you share with us.

$25 OFF your first song!

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Is a Custom Song a Good Anniversary Gift?

Absolutely! I did some research and conducted a poll on Reddit, titled "Which do you prefer for an anniversary gift?" Check out the over 400 responses I got.

Reddit Poll: Which anniversary gift is best

Overwhelmingly, 81% of respondents chose a thoughtful gift that's personal instead of something needed around the house.

People clearly love songs as gifts, and people love gifts that are thoughtful, and personal to them. So, this is where our business was born - creating custom songs for someone.

How do I say "happy anniversary" in a unique way with a custom song?

Saying "happy anniversary" with a custom song from Songs With You is a unique and personal way to express your love and appreciation for your partner. Our songs are tailored to your specific relationship, making them a gift that they'll treasure for years to come.

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Gift Your Song Today!

One of the best ways to surprise someone you know or love is through music.

Song With You's team of professional songwriters will take information you provide, and write, record, and produce a special one-of-a-kind song that captures the essence of your relationship.

Create your own custom anniversary song!

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