We have 3 completely different song styles to choose from - each with a unique feel to help make your gift meaningful for the occasion. Feel free to sample them or let us surprise you.

A smooth song that reaches across genres. This song-style contains both lead and backup vocals, guitar, with a touch of shaker to keep the groove. If you are looking for a warm, intimate sound this is the song for you.
This upbeat, fun song-style brings a twist with a bridge leading you into the final turnaround. A driving tambourine creates a catchy song you want to get up and dance to. We recommend this song for those wild at heart and ready for a celebration!
If you are looking for a happy, lighter feel -- Rainbow Vibes is the one. With chimes, shakers, and whimsical vocals, this song-style delivers a personal touch with Hawaiian-vibes. Good for almost any occasion, but many love it for its sparkle to make someone feel extra special.

Surprise Me


If you can't decide on which song style is best for your gift, then we will choose a fitting song for you, based on the information that's provided to us on the song submission form.

Where Your Songs are Created

Having been born in Hawaii, Songs With You and our music is inspired by the tranquility of nature. We typically draft our music outdoors because this is where we find our inspiration to create the most beautiful lyrics our musicians can craft.

Of course, the process doesn't stop there. Our newly purchased recording equipment (purchased in August 2021), allows us to record your song with vocals and instruments with immersive sound quality.