My Lyrics, Crafted to Perfection

If you are like some of our customers who have a knack for writing your own lyrics, but simply want help from a professional musician, then you've come to the right place.

You can choose from our list of any musicians and we will create your song with the lyrics you submit.

All submitted lyrics will be reviewed. In many cases, modifications will be required.

Craft a Song with My Lyrics - $50

Song already purchased

If you already purchased a song, this option allows you to do add the ability to use your own lyrics. This cost is required because our musicians need to take extra time to incorporate them into a brand new song. If there are questions, then you may be required to "budge" a little, depending on the song and what the musician can do.

  • Existing order, modified and crafted to your lyrics

  • Private dialogue with musician as needed

  • Recording session

  • Making sure your lyrics will work
  • Your musician will need to take some time to review your lyrics. In many cases, they will reach out to you to go over possible or needed changes. Please understand to properly match your lyrics with a song, this is a necessary step.

  • Creating the song
  • Once the lyrics are finalized, and ready for action, your musician will head into the studio to record and produce your song. The final product will typically take 5-7 days before delivery. 

Order a Song with My Lyrics - $249

  • 3:00+ length song

  • Private dialogue with musician as needed

  • Incorporate your lyrics

  • Recording session

  • Song Style and Artist Selection
  • We will do our very best to accommodate the genre of your choice. Artists may have other orders and songs they are working on, so please be patient on the turnaround time.

  • Length of Song, Lyrics
  • The amount of lyrics you write affects the length of the song, but we generally have a maximum song length of 4:00 minutes. Lyrical modifications made be required.

  • Full lyrical review and adjustments
  • Your artist will undoubtedly have to make some small adjustments in order for the song to come out as beautiful and nice as possible. They will coordinate with you privately on the lyrics to make any changes.

  • Studio recording and delivery
  • Typical turnaround time for a start-to-finish custom song with your own lyrics recorded and produced in the studio, then delivered to you, 5-10 days.

Frequently asked questions

How long will the song be?

Song length will vary depending on the lyrics provided, but our maximum song length for these songs is 4:00 minutes.

How long does it take my musician to create my song?

If you have already purchased a song, then please leave about 7 days for the artist to craft your song and delivery it to you.