Songs With You Frequently Asked Questions


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    How do I create a custom song for someone?

 At Songs With You, you provide a story, memory, or some interests about a person, and we turn it into a meaningful song. First, you need to choose a song style, a vocalist, then you will be prompted to directed to our song submission form.

Once this is received, our musicians will begin to write, produce, and record the song based on the information you provided.

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    How long does it take to receive my song?

Once payment has been received and your order form has been successfully submitted, your song will be created and delivered within a week (5 business days).

We offer rush delivery, which costs $50. This speeds up the delivery to 4 days (including weekends). 

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    How is the song delivered?

 We want to make your song as quickly and easy to play as possible. So, you will receive your song as both an MP3, and also as a personal streaming link. Both will be sent via email, allowing you to play your song anywhere, anytime.

No account or login will ever be required to listen to your song. And it will be available to play forever.

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    How much does a song cost?

Our song price is $179 (USD) for a completely original song. No taxes, no hidden fees, just good music from good people. Installments are available via ShopPay on checkout.

We also accept (NZ$, CA$, £, and AU$), so you can pay in your own local currency.

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    How long are the songs?

You can expect songs to range between 1:32 to 2:00 minutes long.

We understand that these songs are shorter than typical songs you hear on the radio, but that's because our musicians take the time to create meaningful lyrics from the content you provide. Songs are typically structured as [verse, verse, chorus x2], but it depends on the song style that you prefer. 

You can listen to our song samples on our create a song page.

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    Can I see drafts and make edits as my song is being created?

 Our artists usually write, produce, record, and mix their songs in the same session. We are unable to offer back and forth feedback along the way. Rest assured, your song is created with intention and thoughtfulness, using your song submission information.

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    Can my song sound like a professional artist I suggest?

 The 3 styles that we provide that are listed on our website are created with various instruments individually (depending on which style you chose). So, trying to recreate the sound of a famous artist isn't exactly what we do here at Songs With You.

Our artists instead focus on creating a song that matches the style you choose, the stories and memories you tell us, then making it into something unique.

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    Can I make changes to my song after it's finished?

Our goal is to have every song we deliver be better than you expected on the first try. If we misinterpreted some information, or mispronounced a name, send us an email at and we’ll be happy to coordinate fixes with you.

Note that some more significant changes can be requested but must be recieved wihtin 3-days of delivery, and may require a small fee. Go to our edit my song page for more information and details.

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    What can I do with the song?

You are granted a personal use license in perpetuity. In other words, you are able to use the song on any of your personal social media channels, create personal videos, and share it with anyone you’d like. 

As long as you are not making money from it, you're fine.

Don't forget to tag us when you share the videos:) 

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    Can I submit my own lyrics for a song?

We are unable to turn a specific poem or personal song lyrics into an exact song, but we do a fantastic job of using what you give us to create a song with almost everything you provide!

Note: Our song submission form allows you to submit a personal message before the song begins, in addition to letting us know about any personal emphasis you want to include in the song lyrics.

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    I didn't receive a confirmation email. Can you resend?

 If you do not see our email confirmation, please check your junk (spam) folder. Still don't see it? You can reach us at -OR- use our contact us form to get in touch. 

We will happily send you a duplicate copy of your confirmation email.

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    Does Songs With You have an affiliate program?

 Yes. You can apply for the Songs With You affiliate program as long as you agree to the terms and agreement policy. More information about the commission and how to get started can all be found on that page.

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    How do I know if I will like my song?

 We want our customers to love their song! Songs With You musicians are a select group of talented and highly acclaimed songwriters hand-picked by founder Griff Jurgens, who has a proven track record and over 20 years of experience in the music business. Rest assured, the artist that is assigned to your song has been carefully vetted by Song With You's team to make sure you get the highest quality song possible.