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Alexi Paraschos

About Alexi

Alexi performed at SXSW 2017, he has been featured in numerous media outlets like the New York Times and, and his music has been licensed for use in 14 television shows across seven major networks including A&E, MTV, VH1, and BET.


His well-rounded voice and cross genre abilities are what attracted him to Songs With You, and his abilities shine through in his music.

Lina Cooper

About Lina

Born in Ukraine, but working and living now in Los Angeles, Lina is a 23-year-old songwriter. She is working as an assistant manager at Paramount Recording Group after working as an assistant engineer at Harbor Studios for almost two years, participating in various writing camps, working with both American and European publishers as well as releasing and performing her own music.

Miya King

About Miya

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Carlos Delgado

About Carlos

Carlos has collaborated with musicians and bands from nearly every genre. His passion and love for music, and constant positivity has helped shape him into a amazingly creative musician that will elevate any song into something truly special.

Natasia Greycloud

About Natasia

Natasia has been a professional musician for 12 years. During that time she has had experience in background singing, songwriting, sync work, tracking and comping vocals, being a studio/session singer, vocal coach/producer, all while playing hundreds of hours of live shows.


Natasia had success in 2018 as a top 20 finalist on season 15 of NBC's The Voice. During her emotional blind audition song, Sam Smith's "Not the Only One," Kelly Clarkson and Jennifer Hudson both turned their chairs. Which landed her praise from Kelly Clarkson, "Her voice goes from pretty and angelic, to powerful and soulful," and a rave review from Rolling Stone after her Knockout performance.

Melanie Ilana

About Melanie

Melanie is a singer-songwriter from Pennsylvania. She started by performing in musicals in high school, but began taking her guitar on stage at open mics in Pittsburgh, and continued to do so while living in Honolulu.


Melanie was a part of the Hawai'i groups The Mankeki Nekos and The Dirt Squirrels for a few years before moving back to Pennsylvania, where she now plays guitar, sings, and writes for Violet Coup.

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